High Rise – Mid-Range

This handleless kitchen is designed perfectly, for high-rise PRS or BTR projects.

The kitchen configuration is designed to maximise storage and functionality, whilst using minimum floor space. The practicality of use has been thought out, making this an everyday kitchen, available in different colours and configurations.

To compliment the cabinets, different thicknesses of laminate worktops and backsplashes can be offered, 20mm & 40mm are typical, or to further enhance the look, adding quartz can elevate the kitchen to a new level of look and feel.

A mix of appliances can be used, on show high-end brands, along with mid-range appliances behind the door, which can make for cost-effective pricing.

Hatt Kitchens specialise in the design, delivery, load-out, and installation of these types of kitchens, from small to very large construction projects.